MMP, Inc. is the exclusive distributor in the US and Canada for the following companies :

BAYER Santé Familiale - Division Serdex : manufactures purified extracts from Centella Asiatica (ETCA, Asiaticoside, Heterosides, Madecassoside, Asiatic Acid) as well as Ambiaty Extract and Ambora Extract. Bayer
SISTERNA : provides a wide range of Sucrose Esters, non-toxic, non-ionic emulsifiers with exceptional mildness to skin and eyes and they are environmentally friendly. Sisterna
BIOPHARMACOPAE  : supplies highly controlled extracts with an innovative qualification of their biological / biochemical activity and quality : Stimyolasol™ ECO and Sticolasol™ ECO.

Exclusive Worldwide Distribution

BIO-EC : a laboratory dedicated to dermatological research and demonstration of mechanisms of activity of skincare and hair care actives or formulations using a dynamic model of human skin explants obtained from plastic surgery. Bio-EC
COBIOSA : manufactures exotic extracts from plants originating from Latin America and Africa: Dragon's Blood, Trichomega™ and Deargania™. COBIOSA
IMMUDYNE : manufactures a range of β-1,3/1,6-D-glucans extracted from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and known under the name of Nayad® for skincare and nutritional applications. Immudyne
VARIATI & Co., SpA : manufactures Vegetal Antibacterial actives, Moisturizers, Hydrolyzed Proteins, Emollients and Titrated Extracts. Variati


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